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Hero's Comeback Chapter 4
Chapter 4-We Should Be a Team... Right?
The four of them could hear police sirens in the distance.
"Oh man. More cops!" the boy said. He started limping away, heading to the crashed police car.
"Your kidding right?" said Hunter. "You just walk off."
"I just gotta get back to my car."
"Man, what are you talking about? You gotta split." he looked at him like he was crazy, and kept limping.
"Who are you anyway?" he was about to tell him a fake name, but then he remembered something.
"Well, you can call me Zack." he said hesitantly.
"I'm Hunter." he said reaching out his hand.
"Hey guy with the afro?" said the girl. "What did you call me earlier?" she said as she ran up to them.
"Oh, well. You just look like someone I know." he said. he couldn't help but notice that she did. She had the same light brown skin, same short black hair, and the same dark brown eyes. She looked just like her.
"Well, i'm not her. I'm Amber."
"I'm Hunter, and this is-"
"I'm Zack." he cut in.
"OK. Well can you tell
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A Hero's Comeback Chapter 3
Chapter 3-Dog Fight
They were surrounded by 12 hell hounds. Hunter moved quickly, and stabbed the first one in the neck. The one on the left tried to attack him, but he ducked. The one on the right went in, and h rolled out of the way. He spun around, and took out the two. He had gotten out of the circle, and looked out at Duke. Duke had attacked one, but another was trying to attack him on the left. He punched it, and dodged the one on his right. One jumped on his back, and bit him on the shoulder. Hunter tried to go after him, but another 3 hell hounds blocked the way. He rushed them, while dodging, getting scratched up by all 3 of them. He kept going for Duke, who had knocked the hell hound off, but was still being attacked. Hunter kept going, cutting, and dodging through the frenzy.
Duke was swinging his axe,fending off hell hounds that kept coming. for the ones he couldn't hit, he knocked away away with the hilt of his axe, and for the rest he just got hit. Hunter kept dodging, an
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A Hero's Comeback Chapter 2
Chapter 2-A Place to Start
As Hunter was dreaming, he was on a road in the road in the middle of a desert. He looked behind himself, and saw an RV that had been destroyed. It was still in flames, and let off a giant cloud of smoke. There were craters in the sand, still sizzling. He looked down the road, and saw a boy carrying a spear, and a shield walking down the road. He had blond hair, green eyes, and was wearing a tattered red shirt, and jeans. He also had a pair of sneakers with wings attached to them. He stuck his spear into the ground, and pulled it out a letter.
"It better be worth it, old man!" he said to himself. Off in the distance, the boy saw a car coming from behind him. He put the letter into his pocket, he tapped a bottom of his shield, and it turned into a watch. He pushed a button on the shaft of his spear, and it changed into a glove. He waved his hands at the oncoming car, and put on a sad face. The car kept getting closer, and he saw that it was a police car. The p
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A Hero's Comeback Chapter 1
Chapter 1-Back to Reality
A middle aged man walked into the noisy building, and into the main lobby. He had light brown hair, with streaks of white going through it. He had on a black suit, with a red dress shirt under the coat, with a black tie on. He pulled a picture out of his coat pocket of four kids (two boys, and two girls) huddled into a group photo. He walked into the game room, and looked around for a boy in the picture. He walked around, shaking his head every once in a while to remember what he was there for. Finally, he found a boy playing pac-man. He was about fourteen, with light brown skin, and a black afro. He had on blue shorts, a blue t-shirt, and blue sneakers. He played as if he were in a daze.
"Ok kid, let's go." the man said in a deep voice. The boy just waved his hand signaling for him to go away. The man had little patience, and grabbed the boy by the shirt collar.
"Hey." the boy said lazily. "What's your problem old man."
"Hunter, snap out of it." the boy made
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Pokemon Shining Star 12
Chapter 12-I have a random moment
It was 3 in the afternoon. I walked up to the gym. My head was held high, Fire Heart was on my shoulder, and Hoothoot was on my head. I walked through the door, trying to look as cool as I could.
"Alright Falkner." I said without looking around. "I want a rematch. Right here right now!" I looked around, and saw no one around.
"uh excuse me?" asked someone. I looked outside, and saw a kid in a karate outfit. "Falkner's not here right now." "What? Why not? I worked on that entrance." he gave me a look like I was crazy. I'll admit that that was a stupid thing to work on, but I didn't plan on saying that. "So where is he?" I asked after that uncomfortable silence. "He's probably flying on his Han glider with his Pidgeotto." he said pointing at him flying next to his Pidgeotto.
"HEY! FALKNER! CAN I GET A REMATCH?" I called up to him. He looked down, and started to land  towards me.
"So, you want a rematch?" he asked.
"Yeah. My name is Robert." I s
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Pokemon Shining Star 11
Chapter 11-I make future challenges.
I didn't really say much after I lost. I just left. I kept thinking of what I had said. Five minutes kept chiming in my head. I got my pokemon healed, and went to sit on a bench in front of The Sprout Tower.
"Well. Look at how the mighty have fallen." said John as he sat down on the bench. I didn't say anything.
"That wasn't that much of a battle. I figured with all your talk your pokemon would be stronger."
"Hey. Shut up." I said.
"I'm just saying that if your going to talk tough, you should back it up."
"I can back it up. I… I just wasn't thinking straight." he sighed.
"Look. I knew that you were too over confident. You usually are. You probably barely trained, had no strategy, and just chocked up."
"Hey. That's not-"
"I know it's true. You should have some kind of plan. Instead, you just rush in head first. You can't just rely on luck." I didn't say anything because I knew he was right. I was mostly lucky. I needed more than that, but I had
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Pokemon Shining Star 10
Chapter 10- I find out I suck
The first place I went, not even stopping to look at everything, I went to the pokemon center. I walked up to Nurse Joy, and said "Hello miss. Can you please heal my pokemon?" She gave me a worried look (I've been getting a lot of looks from Nurse Joys lately) and said "Sure. Give me your poke balls." So I gave her my poke balls, waited a few seconds, and got them healed. I decided to look around before going to bed. I walked around, and took in the sights. There was a school, and a bunch of houses, and the gym. I walked by a little, and I just noticed the giant tower sitting right over behind the gym. I walked over, and guess who I see? Tyson standing right in front of the tower. I wasn't as happy as you would think. I saw him, and I wanted to run over, and kick his big head off just because. But then I realized that I was just happy to be alive. So I didn't. I ran over and yelled "HEY TYSON!" he turned around, and said
"Rob! What the?" He gave me a runni
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Pokemon Shining Star 9
Chapter 9-I demonstrate what NOT to do in the woods
You know that feeling when you wake up, and your brain isn't exactly "on"? You need to sit there for a second, and let your head catch up. That's what I was feeling. I was alone, covered in grass, had drool on my face, and it was dark. I got up, and brushed myself off. I looked around to see where the others were, but there was no one in sight. I checked my stuff next. My poke balls were still in the pouch on my waist. I checked my bag, and saw half of my stuff was missing. I looked around, and saw my stuff was all over the ground. There were my cloths, my sleeping bag, and my chewed into stash of food.
"Ok, so I'm alone in the woods, it's getting darker, and I have no food." I said to myself. I checked my Poke gear for the time. It was six o'clock at night, and soon I wouldn't be able to see the trail. Not to mention I was hungry. So I walked around, and scavenged for food.
Now this, I do not advise doing, and you'll see why pretty s
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Pokemon Shining Star Chapter 8
Chapter 8-We start our journey
Nobody noticed anything the next day. It's like nothing even happened. We all snuck back in (except Kim, who snuck back into the woods) and acted like we were sleeping. Mom came in at about 7 to wake us up. It was a typical morning. We all talked, ate breakfast, and me and John tried to kill each other. Pretty soon, Tyson came over and we were almost ready to go. We just needed to say our goodbyes.
"Alright sweeties," said my mom, a little red eyed. "do you two have anything you need?"
"Yes mom" I said trying not to sound exhausted, yet kind of sad at the same time.
"Are you sure. Do you have your pokegear, extra cloths, and food for the road?"
"Yes mom. I have everything." I said
"Alright. Promise that you'll call me regularly?"
"Mom I-"
"Promise?" she said in a stern tone.
"Alright I promise." I said finally.
"I watch out for him," said John. "and make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble." after we gave her one last long hug, we set out to Route 3
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Pokemon Shining Star Chapter 7
Chapter 7-We make a prank call
"So he was attacked by a member of team rocket?" asked John. We decided to explain what happened to us.
"Yeah." said Kim as she bandaged up my shoulder. "If there back in business, who knows what plans they have." "Wait, aren't those the guys that were stopped by a bunch of kids? Twice?" I asked.
"Yeah. But their dangerous criminals. If anything, we should tell someone what happened tonight." answered John. He pulled out his Pokegear, and called 911.
"Hello?… Yes, we were attacked by a Team Rocket goon…Around Route 30...No, I don't know where he was heading… I know that it's 6:00 in the morning, but I'm now making this up… I know they were disbanded twice already, but I know what I…But I'm telling the truth sir. I… Hello? HELLO?" He hung it up, and said something under his breath. "They didn't believe me. They said I was pulling a 'prank call.'"
"Great. So what do we do now?" I asked.
"I say we make some sort of battle plan."
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Pokemon Shining star 1
Chapter 1 My jerk relative comes back?
My name is Robert. If your reading this, I'm either the greatest trainer in the world, dead, or just want to tell my story already. In any case, your reading the story of one of the worlds greatest pokemon trainers in the world. I'm 10 at the beginning of this story, but pretty much look the same. I have light brown skin, brown eyes, and light blue hair (it runs in the family). I'm kind of short, and some people say I look like I'm 7. I come from a nice little town called Cherrygrove City in the Johto region (one of 4 major regions in the world). It's a small boring town, were nothing really happens. It's close to the sea, and has the scent of flowers in the air all the time. There are a few houses there. There's my small green house with the blue roof, and fence somewhere near the woods leading to New Bark Town just to the east (where odd Professor Elm lives). Then there's my friend Tyson Shakelford's house. He has spiky green hair, wide eyes, an
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Pokemon Shining Star Chapter 6
Chapter 6-I make some new friends
It hopped through the sleeping town. I climbed down the rope and followed it. It was heading north towards  Goldenrod City. I ran through the sleeping town, and into the forest. When I got a little further in, I couldn't find the trail, or even see my own hands in front of me. I pulled out Fire Heart, and he ( even though he didn't want to travel through the dark at all. ) lit a stick that I used as a torch. We looked around for a little while, and found the Hoothoot taking a break, with it's back turned against us.
"Alright Fire Heart." I whispered. "You rush in and give him a good hit as fast as you can."
He nodded, and shot at the distracted pokemon with a fast tackle. Hoothoot doubled over, spun around, and attacked with it's beak. Fire Heart side stepped away easily, and moved in for another attack, but Hoothoot was quick. It hopped out f the way before Fire Heart could hit, and leapt into the darkness. I looked around frantically, until
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Pokemon Shining Star Chapter 5
Chapter 5- I go for a late night trip
"No way! I wont do it!" I argued. It was 10:00 at night after the party. Me, John, and my Mom were sitting at the dining room table, and had been there for a while. My mom was trying to convince me to travel with John on my journey.
"Well I can't just let you travel by yourself out there." My mom said. "It's too dangerous."
"But I won't be alone. I'll have Fire Heart with me." I said with him sleeping next to my foot.
"You can't just travel with a Pokemon."
"I know. That's why I'm traveling with Tyson also."
"Dear you can't just travel with Tyson. He's uh…"
"Your friends a moron." John cut in, looking bored.
"Hey! He's a rocket scientist compared to you!" I snapped back.
"What John means to say" Mom cut in "is that he can be… a little irresponsible."
"But I can actually stand to be around him. Unlike this guy." I said the whole time glaring at John. All he did was send me an evil glare back.
"Look. He's got experience traveling around. Jo
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